General Information


FIELDS OF ENTRY: Behavioral and Social Sciences, Biochemistry, Botany, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, Medicine and Health, Physics, Microbiology and Zoology.

The Mohican District Council will select students in grades 5-12 who have superior projects for participation in the State Science Day.  These will be chosen on the day of the Mohican District Science Fair at the conclusion of the awards ceremony (see judging criteria section for more details).


  • All fees and T-shirt order forms must be postmarked by Friday, March 8, 2019.
  • EACH participate must pay a $30.00 registration fee.  Registration fees must be postmarked by Friday, March 8, 2019 and should be sent to Mohican District Science Day, c/o Jeff Steele, 401 College Avenue, College of Arts & Sciences, Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio 44805
  • Mohican District Science Fair is Saturday, March 23, 2019.  Check-in begins at 7:30 am with judging from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.
  • If you qualify for the State Science Fair, your registration form must be electronically submitted by 5pm on Thursday, March 28, 2019. Your registration fee may be paid on-line by credit card.
  • State Science Fair is Saturday, May 11, 2019.  

Myers Convocation Center is on the Ashland University Campus (See Campus Map). Projects should be unloaded in the upper parking lot. It can be entered from Broad Street (parallel to Claremont) or Jefferson Street (the street between the University and Burger King). Once unloaded, please park in one of the lots indicated on the enclosed map. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR UNATTENDED. If it is unattended and not in a parking spot, it will be ticketed.

Doors will open at 7:30 a.m.  Registration and set-up of projects is scheduled from 7:30 – 9 a.m.  FROM 9 a.m. UNTIL 12:00 NOON WHEN JUDGING HAS BEEN COMPLETED, ONLY EXHIBITORS AND JUDGES ARE PERMITTED IN THE JUDGING AREA. The awards ceremony will begin at approximately 2 p.m. and hopefully end by 3 p.m. Students who receive superior ratings and are eligible for the State Fair must be in attendance at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Judging is from approximately 9 am until 12 noon. During that time the exhibit area is reserved for students and judges only. Several opportunities are available for you to explore the campus during this time, including, visiting the University Bookstore and/or attending university informational programs (financial aid and admission). Campus Cafeteria pre-sale tickets will be available in the lobby of the Convocation Center.

EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER:  Safety Services 419-289-5766 (During Science Day)


Jeff Steele, Assistant
Mohican District Science Day
401 College Avenue
College of Arts and Sciences
Ashland, University
Ashland, Ohio 44805

Dr. Jeff Weidenhamer, Director
Mohican District Science Day
College of Arts and Sciences
Ashland University
Ashland, Ohio 44805
School: 419-289-5281

1. A registration fee of $30 per student, payable to Mohican District Science Day, must be sent in (or postmarked) by March 8, 2019.  T-shirt orders and T-shirt payment should also be sent in (or postmarked) by March 8.

2. Students who then qualify for the State Science Fair will need to register electronically and pay online or send a $60 entry fee by FIRST CLASS MAIL, postmarked by 5pm, March 28, 2019.