Application Process

  • Admission to the MDS major is not automatic or instantaneous. For instructions on applying for this major, see the Proposal Form.
  • Interested students should contact the Coordinator of MDS, Dr. Cindy Moseman (210B CFA, x5293), or if a declared fully online student contact a GOA Advisor (GOA-Advising@Ashland.Edu). They will review program requirements, application process, discuss the student’s areas of interest and assist the student in identifying university faculty members who may be of assistance in advising the student.
  • A student will work with two full-time faculty mentors and their respective dean(s), chosen from each of the cognate areas, to design a Multidisciplinary Studies major which falls within the competence of university faculty. Conceptualizing the major is the responsibility of the student and, in some cases, may be facilitated by using a faculty-designed template. A proposal showing a progression of study is prepared by the student in consultation with the coordinator of the Multidisciplinary Studies program and two faculty mentors based in departments that are related to the proposed major.

The proposal form requires:

  1. A brief written statement (approximately 300 words) explaining the reasons for the specific combination of cognate areas proposed and what educational or professional benefits are expected from completion of this MDS major.
  2. A list of all courses taken to date for each cognate area, as well as proposed courses yet to be taken for each cognate area.
  • The Proposal Form requires more than the bringing together of courses related to a particular topic. The proposal should define a systematic body of knowledge and demonstrate a logical progression in the curriculum. Thus, movement through the major should move from an introductory to an advanced level.
  • Once the program is approved by the two faculty mentors, their respective deans and the coordinator of MDS, the completed proposal must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for verification and inclusion in the student’s permanent file no later than the first semester of the student’s junior year.
  • A separate permission form is required for enrollment in MDS 490: Multidisciplinary Capstone Experience. This form will be submitted along with a proposal for the project to be conducted during the capstone.