Assessment - All Multidisciplinary Studies majors will be assessed during MDS 490 Multidisciplinary Capstone Experience for proficiency in the MDS student learning outcomes listed below.

Student will:

1. demonstrate a significant depth of knowledge in two different cognate areas;                                             

2.  identify the issues, problems or goals addressed by each cognate area;                                                         

3.  demonstrate familiarity with the terminology commonly used in each cognate area;                                 

4.  identify and explain key texts or significant works in each cognate area;                                                                       

5.  explain the mode of inquiry or creative process that characterizes each cognate area;                              

6. describe how the two cognate areas contrast with each other, or complement one another, in  ways that create a greater understanding than either would provide alone                             

 7. explain how the concepts, skills and values of the chosen cognate areas will help the student  to reach identified educational/career goals  and/or contribute to the student's  personal,  social or spiritual life.