There are multiple choices you will make in developing a Multidisciplinary Studies major.  One decision is whether the degree will be a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. This decision is best made in consultation with your faculty mentors and the dean(s). 

However, in general, a Bachelor of Arts is normally awarded in such majors as the foreign languages, English, history, philosophy and other majors in the humanities.

A Bachelor of Science degree typically involves technical fields (athletic training, nursing, social work), or in such majors as the physical and biological sciences

Both B.A. and B.S. degrees require the same number of hours for a Multidisciplinary Studies major.

A Multidisciplinary Studies major requires significant student initiative. However, you will work with two full-time faculty mentors and their respective dean(s), chosen from each of the cognate areas, to design a Multidisciplinary Studies Major which falls within the competence of university faculty.

Conceptualizing the major is your responsibility and, in some cases, may be facilitated by using a faculty-designed template.  A proposal showing a progression of study is prepared by you in consultation with the coordinator of the Multidisciplinary Studies program and two faculty mentors based in departments that are related to the proposed major.