Foreign Language Department

Intrigued by the possibilities of studying a foreign language and want to know more? Here are some FAQs.

What can I do with a foreign language besides teach languages or become a translator?

Ashland University graduates with majors and minors in Spanish or French are currently pursuing careers in business, computer science, health services, law, public relations, publishing, journalism, missionary work, social services, marketing, telecommunications, the arts, library science and politics. In the sciences and math, foreign language proficiency broadens the possibilities for research and collaborative projects.

How can I get ahead in a tough job market?

You’ll find that a minor or even study through the intermediate level will give you skills that pay. Many employers give preference in hiring, signing bonuses or higher pay grades to job candidates with foreign language skills.

Will two years of a modern foreign language study make me fluent?

You don’t have to be a near-native speaker to communicate well. Study through the intermediate level in our proficiency-based program will help you develop skills that allow you to interact effectively with native speakers. It also gives you a base for continued development later.

English is an international language, so why is there a need to speak other languages to be understood abroad?

Being understood is only half the equation. If you cannot understand the cultural nuances and the sideline discussions of your foreign business partners speaking other languages, you will not be as effective as others with language skills can be. Turn the situation around: if you were a CEO, would you send a non-English speaking representative to an English-speaking area?

Foreign language study is just grammar rules and vocabulary lists. What good is that?

In college, the study of languages isn’t about memorizing lists and rules. It’s about communicating in the foreign language.

Where can I study abroad? How long are the programs?

Ashland University has Spanish-language programs in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico and Spain. French-language programs are available in France
 and Quebec.

I want to study abroad, but isn’t it too expensive to go for an extended time?

Our one-month summer programs compare favorably to the price of many one- or two- week study trips. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity of family stays.

Since I want to get into graduate school, shouldn’t I be concentrating on my major?

Many graduate programs require knowledge of a foreign language. A double-major or a minor in French or Spanish will make you more attractive to graduate selection committees and prepare you well for your chosen program.