Biology major volunteers as HIV/AIDS prevention educator

Gina Laginya, a senior Biology major from Youngstown, Ohio, spent a summer helping educate local Tanzanians about HIV/AIDS prevention with the Global Service Corps. Gina writes that:

"I had the best time in Tanzania. Words cannot describe the amount of growth and realization I experienced from being outside of my comfort zone. East African views and culture is tremendously different than ours. Being submerged into the Tanzanian way of life has allowed me to truly understand world problems with a new perspective. I am more than grateful for the knowledge and experience that I gained while in Tanzania. I would suggest fellow students to consider an international volunteer opportunity, as I found my experience to be life altering."

Gina is interested in pursuing a career in health care in the area of community medicine. This volunteer opportunity in international health arose through conversations with Ashland University's Global Education Office Director, Rebecca Parillo.