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Craig Hovey teaches courses in Christian theology and ethics. He is a Southern California native and a sub-four hour marathoner. Dr. Hovey received his Ph.D. in theology from the University of Cambridge in 2006 where, under the supervision of Dr. Janet Soskice, he wrote a dissertation on knowledge, witness and truth-telling that looks to thinkers like Michel Foucault and Karl Barth to show how Christian witness and the role of testimony might be rescued from some of the bad habits of modern thought. Dr. Hovey's scholarship is located at the intersection of political theology, philosophical theology and theological ethics though he calls himself a "generalist in theology with a wide variety of interests". Dr. Hovey's hobbies include travel and running. He is married to Kimberly and they have two small children: William and Charlie.


Email: chovey@ashland.edu

Phone: 419-289-5208