Philosophy Department

The study of Philosophy equips you to analyze, think creatively and critically examine your beliefs and those of others.  It expands your conceptual horizons.  You consider profound questions and in the process develop intellectual tools to expand your understanding.  Through your study, you also will gain fundamental communication skills and problem solving abilities that will help you succeed in a wide range of fields and occupations, or in graduate school.




Current research shows that Liberal Arts majors, especially philosophy majors, do quite well in any field they choose [SEE LINKS BELOW].  The Philosophy major prepares you for success across a broad range of fields.  This means you can adapt your skill set to meet the demands of your position, whatever it may be.  Rather than coming from growth in the economy, general demand for employees through 2016 is expected to primarily come the retirement of the baby boom generation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that overall employment will grow from 150.6 million jobs to 166.2 million jobs by 2016. Learn more.



(1) Philosophy and logic teach fundamental critical thinking skills.  These skills allow you to assess and challenge the basic assumptions of business models and practices.  Because of this, philosophy majors advance more rapidly than their colleagues who possess only business degrees: "by mid-career, the salaries of philosophy graduates surpasses those of marketing, communications, accounting and business management. Taking this into consideration, it appears that having the right business degree from a prestigious business school does not guarantee a successful career in business."



(2) Great return on your Philosophy investment!
"Philosophy teaches that the established norms ought to be challenged.  One of those norms is that education should be measured on a strict return on investment resulting in a specific post-graduate career path."



(3) An article from the Chronicle of Higher Education explaining that Liberal Arts majors do well financially in the long run:



(4) A VERY POSITIVE report from the Association of American Colleges and Universities on Liberal Arts Majors and Employment!



Career Opportunities

  • College professor (with additional education)
  • Law school
  • Medical School
  • Graduate school
  • Business management/administration
  • Librarian
  • Writer/Journalism
  • Public Relations