Why Study Religion at Ashland University

It is true that many who study religion at Ashland University intend to enter some form of ministry as a vocation, or to go on to further academic study of religion. Many recent graduates have attended Ashland Theological Seminary while others have chosen such places as Princeton Seminary, Oxford University, Emory University and Duke University. The Religion Department's programs are academically rigorous, sensitive to issues of faith development, and focused on spiritual and moral formation--a perfect combination in the preparation of those called to a life of ministry in the church or academy.

But even if you do not have such plans, a religion major or minor is a perfect complement to any of Ashland's other fields of study. The Department offers courses that help students become aware of how religious commitments and values continue to shape our world. As a part of Ashland's Religion Department, you can become a business owner who is conversant with contemporary theology or a physician who spent a summer abroad on a missions trip. And that's what a liberal arts education is all about.