Painting I Assignment 1

Art 261:  Painting I

Charles Caldemeyer

Assignment #1: Still Life in Acrylics


Working from the still life, create a value drawing that will act as a basis for your painting.  On a canvas board (be sure the drawing and painting have the same format) paint the still life as accurately as possible using an opaque acrylic paint application. 

Things to remember:

1.  As with value drawing, an observational painting involves developing the illusion of light.  Be sure the light in your painting is consistent and convincing.

2.  You will maintain more control over the painting process by blocking in your colors in washes prior to developing an opaque overpainting. 

3.   Remember to lower the intensity, as well as the value, of colors in shadow areas.

4.   The illusion of space will be more readily conveyed by lowering the intensity and value contrast of colors that are farther from the viewer.

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