Phi Sigma Tau

Phi Sigma Tau is the International Honor Society in Philosophy. Founded in 1930 and incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in 1955, the Society now has a network of over 200 chapters throughout the United States and Canada, at both public and private institutions of higher learning. The purpose of Phi Sigma Tau is to encourage interest and activity among students and to promote ties between philosophy departments in accredited institutions.

Ashland University's PHI SIGMA TAU, Ohio Mu Chapter, honors students who have demonstrated academic excellence in philosophy.  Membership is by invitation, selected from students who meet the following minimum conditions: have completed 9 semester hours of philosophy, with a GPA of at least 3.5 in two of those classes, and a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher.

2012-2103 Members

  1. Antus, Joseph
  2. Bailey, Tyler
  3. Case, Johnathan
  4. Cunning, Curt
  5. Darsee, Connor
  6. Dyczkowski, Paul
  7. Garner, Ashton
  8. Goffos, Christopher
  9. Jones, Alex
  10. Marks, Ryan Timothy
  11. Mumea, Evan Taylor
  12. Webber, Damian
  13. Valenti, Shanna