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Course Rotations

Phil 204: Concepts of Truth  1 section per year
Phil 205: Introduction to Philosophy  1 section per year
Phil 208: Major Thinkers in Dialogue  1 section per year
Phil 210: Philosophy of Human Nature  1 section each semester
Phil 215: Introduction to Ethics  2 sections each semester
 1 per summer
Phil 217: Thought and Belief  1 section per year
Phil 220: Practical Thinking  1 section per year
Phil 280: Applied Ethics (various topics)  1 section each semester
         A. Sports ethics  1 section every spring
         B. Environmental ethics  1 section fall odd years
         D. Bioethics  1 section fall even years
         H. Workplace ethics  1 section each summer
Phil 309: Social & Political Philosophy  1 section fall even years
Phil 311: Hist. of Ancient & Medieval Phil  1 section fall even years
Phil 312: History of Modern Philosophy  1 section spring odd years
Phil 313: History of Contemporary Phil  1 section fall odd years
Phil 314: History of 19th Century Phil  1 section spring even years
Phil 317: Philosophy of Religion  1 section every four semesters
Phil 318: Topics in Philosophy  1 section every four  semesters
Phil 320: Symbolic Logic

 1 section every four semesters

Phil 350: Science as a Cultural Force  1 section per year
Phil 330: Readings in Philosophy  1 section per year
Phil 450: Great Philosophers  1 section per year


Curriculum Guides

Curriculum guides are available for planning your schedule:

Four Year Curriculum Guide (2018)

Three Year Curriculum Guide (2018)

Master Syllabi

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