Understanding and engaging with the greatest questions and best minds of the past is key to becoming a truly educated citizen. As you learn about how people thought and acted in different times and places, you will gain perspectives and develop such essential qualities as confidence and humility, which will prepare you to be a leader in your own time, whether in business, as a practitioner and fashioner of the law, or as a scholar and educator. 

Here, it’s not about memorizing dates and spewing them back on a test. At Ashland, we teach you how to think and analyze. You’ll explore original texts and great speeches from the past, which we’ll discuss in class in a seminar-style learning environment. At Ashland, thinking about the great questions and statesmen of the past is part of becoming a liberally-educated human being. You’ll have access to great political minds of our day through presentations sponsored by the Ashbrook Center, an independent civic resource housed on campus. By the time you graduate, you’ll be able to think, read, write and speak on important topics in a way that is worthy of graduate school, and you’ll be ready to take on any educational or career challenge that lies ahead.