Application Process for Admittance into the Accelerated BA/MA in Christian Ministry

Since students taking courses at ATS as part of the accelerated BA/MACM cannot be formally admitted into the seminary until they have completed the BA in Religion, the following standards will be used to enroll those university students in classes at ATS as part of the accelerated degree.

  1. Interested students will submit a letter to the chair of the AU Religion Department indicating a desire to enroll in the Accelerated BA/MACM Degree.
  2. The student will provide a one to two page essay outlining their sense of calling to ministry and how the BA/MACM degree will help them prepare for that calling.
  3. The AU Religion chair will send the letter and the essay to the ATS registrar and dean along with a letter of recommendation from the chair.
  4. The ATS registrar will evaluate the AU student transcripts to determine compatibility based on GPA (3.0) and courses taken thus far.
  5. The student will attend an interview with the ATS admissions staff. The ATS dean may opt to interview the student as well.
  6. If all of the above steps are completed and ATS determines the student satisfies the necessary requirements, the admissions staff and/or dean will give the student a letter of acknowledgement indicating that the student can begin taking courses at ATS as part of the accelerated degree. The letter will indicate that ATS will accept 12 hours advanced standing from the AU Religion department as per the agreement between ATS and AU. Once the student has successfully completed the BA in religion at AU, he or she will be enrolled at ATS to complete any outstanding requirements for the MACM.
  7. Before the student can enroll in ATS in year five she/he will need to complete the MACM application. However, acceptance will be assumed based on numbers five and six above.