Field Experience

Field experience is integrated into every social work course. Students complete an agency observation, interview persons who work in those agencies, interview individuals and families for specific assignments, visit a nursing home resident for a semester and attend support groups.

Seniors complete a 500-hour agency placement in their final semester. Students state a preference for the type of agency and the population with whom they wish to work.

Our program has excellent relationships with local agencies; they are eager to have our students as interns because the students are always so well prepared. Our internships are block placements so that students can be in their agencies full-time, rather than running between agency and classes.

Our internships are an opportunity for exciting professional development in a real-life work setting; it is always a semester of tremendous growth. Students develop the confidence they need to enter the career of social work or to begin graduate school.

Social Work Field Experience at MedCentral Health System

Social Work Field Experience at MedCentral Health System. 

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