Social Work Club

Our Purpose

  • To provide those interested in helping others with programs and experiences which will enhance their education
  • To contribute positively to the improvement of the community
  • To enhance the awareness of social issues on the Ashland University campus

What we do to help:

Our Social Work Club connects with the needs of the surrounding community by raising funds and volunteering time to reduce hunger and increase supports for homeless individuals in Ashland County. During the fall semester, we organize Skip-a-Meal Today for United Way. During this event, students can donate a meal swipe to provide one meal to feed the hungry. 

Recently, our member students helped with Ashland County's Point-In-Time count, which gets a count of the homeless in the area. With this number, Ashland County is able to get funding to help finance homeless assistance. During the event, the Social Work Club also handed out locally-donated restaurant coupons to the homeless.

In other times of the year, we complete various smaller projects, such as a food drive and an Easter basket donation, to help Ashland's Associated Charities.

Don't wait. Join us and get involved!

Social Work Club Advisor

Dr. Nancy J. Udolph

Field Director and Associate Professor of Social Work

Office: 248 Schar


Professor Nancy UdolphRead Dr. Udolph's full bio.