The Social Work and Family Studies Department has three programs. A Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) is offered as a major, and there are also minors in Child and Family Studies and Gerontology available. Please see below for program descriptions and requirements.

Majors & Programs in this department

Majors & Programs About Degree Type
Social Work Major

A Social Work major is an excellent choice if you have a passion for helping others and like the challenge of working to better the lives of at-risk populations in your community and world.... Read More

Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW)
Child & Family Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Child and Family Studies is designed to increase understanding of human development, the interrelationships among family members, and the reciprocal influence of... Read More

Gerontology Minor

The minor in Gerontology provides a comprehensive approach to working with older adults.  This minor prepares students to:

Provide interventions for maximizing function and promoting health... Read More