College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus is Ohio’s dual enrollment program that provides students the opportunity to earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking courses from Ohio colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to enhance students’ career readiness and postsecondary success, while providing a wide variety of options to college-ready students. Accepted students may take courses on the AU main campus, online, or at one of our partnering high schools!

For complete program rules, see the Ohio Department of Higher Education website

Are you a nonpublic or home school student? Check out Ohio Higher Ed's "Steps to Apply"

To participate in CCP at AU:

  • Submit the Letter of Intent by APRIL 1st (extended by ODE to May 1st, 2021) to your school counselor if you are a public school student.
  • Complete AU's online application before MAY 15th ==> APPLY NOW!
  • !!! ==> Ask your guidance counselor to send us your HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT.
  • !!! ==> Your school won't know to send us your transcript unless you ask them.

When applying:

  • Use your personal, "home" email address when applying.  DO NOT ENTER A HIGH SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS.
  • !!! ==> Many schools' network settings block messages from outside parties. As a result, you may never receive your acceptance letter with registration instructions if you enter your high school email address. 
  • !!! ==> If you haven't heard from us in 2-3 weeks, please contact us (, as we are likely missing information necessary to make a decision. Please double-check that your acceptance letter did not go to your spam folder.

Click HERE to download our CCP Handbook!

Click HERE to see our Info Night video!


PREREGISTER for Fall and Spring 12-week online courses, HERE.


Application deadlines for PUBLIC SCHOOL students:

  • Summer Term - March 1st
  • Fall Semester - May 15th
  • Spring Semester - October 15th

  • Please, please! ==> Enter your PERSONAL email address when applying, NOT your HIGH SCHOOL email address!
  • Your school's network likely blocks messages from outside parties. As a result, if you enter your H.S. email address, you may never receive your acceptance letter with instructions on how to register!
  • Please also double-check that your acceptance letter did not get filtered to your spam folder.


The deadline to submit your funding application to the State of Ohio, using your OH | ID, has been EXTENDED by ODE to May 1st. You must include your college acceptance letter as part of the state application!!

Please plan well in advance of the deadlines to ensure you have ample time to receive and upload your acceptance letter. The State of Ohio does not accept late applications.

  • Summer semester application deadline - March 1st.
  • Fall and/or spring semester application deadline - April 1st.

Be sure to email your transcript and test scores to BEFORE the deadlines.

Find the ODHE funding applications and instructions, here:

PDF iconhomeschool-nonpublic_info_sheet.pdf

Admission Requirements
For the 2021-22 school year, applicants will be able to select whether they want their standardized test scores to be included or excluded from the admission review process.
Option #1 - Traditional admission requirements (WITH test scores):
    • 2.50+ GPA
    • Appropriate score from the ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer:
      • 18 ACT composite, or
      • 960 SAT, or
      • ONE of the following Accuplacer scores: WritePlacer, 5; Reading, 250; or QAS (math), 263
Option #2 - Admission WITHOUT test scores:
      • 3.0 cumulative HS GPA
NOTE: Admission to the program does not guarantee placement in a course. Students must be able to satisfy any placement and prerequisite requirements for each course. The CCP coordinator will help students with this at the time of registration.

Due to the adoption of the "test optional" admission policy for 2021-22, we are currently not administering the Accuplacer exam; however, we will still accept Accuplacer scores from another college if you have them.

Level One Courses, Pathways, and Degrees

Level One Courses (a.k.a. "the First 15 rule")

  • In CCP, Ohio Law states that students must choose from a list of "Level One" Courses until they complete 15 credit hours.
  • AU's Level One Course List, as well as other helpful documents, can be found in the "Info Hub", HERE.


15- and 30-Hour Pathways:

  • These pathways represent potential ways CCP students may earn college credit.
  • It is important to remember these are only examples. Each student’s educational journey is unique to them and may be customized within the parameters of their daily schedule and the requirements of each program.
  • The courses listed there each meet a core requirement needed by undergraduate students at Ashland University.


Earn an associate degree while in high school!

Two options are available to CCP students:

  • Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies - This program is available fully online with priority registration for CCP students; however, it is not required that you complete all the courses online. You may also take courses on our main campus or at your high school.
  • Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies with a Concentration in Business

AA in General Studies Program Requirements

  • It is not necessary to follow the schedule exactly as it is shown below.
  • Your schedule will be unique to your needs.

Year One: Fall Semester

Cr. Hrs.

Year One: Spring Semester

Cr. Hrs.

Composition Core (ENG 101)


Composition Core (ENG 102)


Math/Logic Core


Social Science Core


CCI Core


Historical Reasoning Core


Aesthetic Core


Elective #1


Core Elective


Elective #2




Year Two: Fall Semester

Cr. Hrs.

Year Two: Spring Semester

Cr. Hrs.

Natural Science Core


COM 101


Humanities Core


Religion Core


Elective #3


Elective #6


Elective #4


Elective #7


Elective #5


Elective #8




Total Credit Hours


Additional details regarding the associate degree can be found, HERE.

Searching for Courses

Accepted students may take courses at any combination of locations: main campus, online, or at a partnering high school.

To browse courses offered at your high school, click HERE.

To browse courses offered on main campus or online, please search WebAdvisor

  • Students will receive complete instructions on how to search for and choose courses in their acceptance letter.
  • Generally speaking, the sections open to CCP students typically have one letter or have CCP in the name, such as A, B, C, RCCPA, RCCPB, etc.
  • The Registrar's Office only posts one semester schedule at a time in WebAdvisor. In other words, it is not possible to search for spring courses in the summer prior to the school year.
  • CCP students are not able to register themselves in WebAdvisor. The enrollment coordinator will schedule each student personally to ensure that State guidelines are followed.

Links and Resources

CCP Info Hub

New! Handouts from info and advising sessions for current CCP students are now located all in one place...just click the purple button!

Link to the CCP Info Hub

Additional Links and Resources

Academic Calendar
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