Topic: Curriculum and Instruction
Instructor: Jodi Slonaker
Method: Online (OWRK)
Sponsor: Teach n' Kids Learn, Inc.
Center Offered: OLPD

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This comprehensive instructional course provides educators and administrators proven methods to implement Academic Vocabulary instruction into daily classroom practices, easily and efficiently. This course also provides an understanding of how to use Academic Vocabulary instructional practices for dramatic improvement of teacher effectiveness and achievement of greater student performance. The focus of this course is to support teachers by helping teachers identify ways to expand student vocabulary knowledge and usage within the content area classroom in grades 6-12. This interactive course is designed for job-embedded learning and practical classroom application using our virtual lesson study process. This virtual lesson study environment will help facilitate the process for teachers to better incorporate the instructional practices outlined within the new Common Core State Standards, embed vocabulary instruction in ongoing instruction and expand student vocabulary knowledge.

 In order to be College and Career ready, students must have a rich and varied vocabulary that can help them understand what is being said to them and what they read on a daily basis. Appendix A of the Common Core Standards states, "Key to students' vocabulary development is building rich and flexible word knowledge. Participants will review the Common Core Vocabulary Guidelines and specifically look to address Shift 6.

 This course has been divided into six modules:

 1.              What is Academic Vocabulary?

2.              Text Dependent Questions to Connect to Vocabulary and the Deeper Elements of the Text 

3.              Implications for the Common Core Assessments

4.              Effective Vocabulary Instruction for Long-Term

5.              Language Building for Diverse Learner Populations: Low Income, ELLs and Special Needs Students

6.              Developing Content Vocabulary and Reading Skills

 Within each module teachers complete cycles focused on critical reflection around each instructional practice area covered. This is important because research has shown this to be a necessary part of teachers making changes to their instructional practice. This allows teachers to approach each instructional practice topic with an understanding of what they currently do and work through a process of determining what they need to change. They then learn the new information about the instructional practice and complete activities within their own classroom which require them to implement what they have learned. Finally, as part of the overall assessment process participants reflect on the changes that they have made and determine what they need to continue to work on. Thus, it is not left up to teachers to ‘figure out’ how they will apply what they have been learning, as it is embedded directly into the course itself.


Cost: $600
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September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017
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