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Connected Councils Dedicated to Ensuring Success

Like every successful business organization, the College of Business and Economics has an acting Advisory Council dedicated to ensuring the success of each student and driving the college forward.

The Business Advisory Council provides guidance, advice, and support to the dean in order to help the College of Business and Economics achieve its goals.

The Council is comprised of working business leaders with a passion for students. They build and sustain a strong foundation for collaboration and communication between the business community and the College of Business and Economics.

Advisory Council Responsibilities

The Council:

  • Serves as an advocate for the College’s mission, values, and academic programs
  • Acts as ambassadors who extend the College’s reach into the wider community
  • Advises the College on matters of curriculum, programs, and initiatives
  • Provides undergraduate and MBA students input on emerging professional and employment trends

Advisory Council Impact

Input from the Council has been instrumental to date in shaping the curriculum and ensuring coverage of emerging business issues such as online course delivery, determining which “soft skills” to prioritize, risk management, and ethics. The Council adds significant value to The College of Business and Economics’ ability to offer contemporary programs that serve students and the business community.

Advisory Council Structure

The Business Advisory Council meets two times during the academic year. Individual members meet more frequently on an ad hoc basis with the dean and other COBE faculty leaders to pursue key strategic initiatives. The College of Business and Economics also has an acting Account and Information Systems Advisory Council dedicated to their specific fields.