Occupational Life Calling Courses


BUS 1SG Occupational Life Calling I (Exploration of Majors and Career Options)


Personal gifts and strengths and their alignment with career and personal interests.
Strategies from psychology and management to make work more meaningful.
Learning styles and how to adapt to the challenges of diverse learning and work environments.
Job orientations associated with work.


A personal vision, mission and core value statement using business management and planning principles.
Business management/career and life planning strategies.
A career choice SWOT analysis and a career/life plan.

Occupational Life Calling I

BUS 5SG Occupational Life Calling II (Experiential Exploration, Internships and Beyond)


An understanding of career options related academic and personal interests
An understanding of the compatibility of careers and majors with aptitude and skills.
An ability to pursue related internships.
A working map for achieving career goals.

Occupational Life Calling II

BUS 6SG Occupational Life Calling III (Managing Life Beyond Graduation)

Examine life goals related to career aspirations and life direction.
Identify educational accomplishments, interests, talents, and skills.

A Sample of Course Goals

Develop tools and strategies for managing career and personal obligations.
Construct an "Action Plan" based on your core values, mission and purpose.
Formulate an approach for dealing with threats to future success.
Create a financial plan for post college life.
Promote a sense of serving your community and those in need.

Occupational Life Calling III