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AU HR Student Chapter (SHRM)

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation

Our AU HR Student Chapter proudly helps invest in the future of Human Resources by sending a contribution each year to help support the SHRM Foundation, a 501©(3) affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The mission of the SHRM Foundation is to advance global human capital knowledge and practice by providing thought leadership and educational support, and sponsoring funding and driving the adoption of cutting-edge actionable, evidence-based research.

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AU SHRM Chapter

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SHRM Professional Membership

Graduating SHRM student members may upgrade to a professional membership at a special discounted rate. This will extend the student’s membership for 12 months and grant immediate access to all of the professional member benefits provided by SHRM.

 Benefits of SHRM Certification

There are two certifications that SHRM offers: the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and the SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP).  These two certifications test an individual’s Human Resources knowledge as well measuring their demonstration and application of HR competencies.  Obtaining one of these certifications demonstrates a professional’s mastery in the field of Human Resources.

Assurance of Learning

The Society for Human resource Management (SHRM) offers an Assurance of Learning assessment that allows students who are earning a degree in human resources or studying human resources, to earn a certificate stating that the individual has the acquired the appropriate knowledge to be a successful HR professional.  Since many students have little to no work experience in the HR field, it allows students to prove their knowledge through a test. This assessment could offer students an advantage over other entering HR professionals since it proves that they are capable of passing a comprehensive exam on human resources.  Two sixty day test windows are available for students to take this assessment.  To gain more knowledge about the exam, go to the SHRM website and type in “Assurance of Learning”.

Michael Ott Receives Scholarship from Ohio SHRM State Council

Michael Ott receivedone of three state Scholarships from the Ohio SHRM State Council. He was presented the award at the Ohio HR Games on February 9th, and receive it from faculty member and AU HR advisor Joan Berry Kalamas, who also serves as the Ohio SHRM State Council College Relations Director.

Michael Ott and Professor Kalamas

AU HR Ashland University Chapter wins First Place at the 2019 Ohio HR Jeopardy Games: February 9th, hosted at Ashland University

Congratulations to Ashland University Team One for winning First Place at the 2019 Ohio HR Jeopardy Games: February 9th held at Ashland University

Dan Morrel, Mitchell Ott, and Audrey Saler from Ashland University won first place in the 2019 Ohio HR Games that were held on February 9th at Ashland University.  Students in college/university Human Resource Student Chapters from all over the state were invited to participate in the Jeopardy style competition.  This competition allowed HR students to showcase their knowledge, meet and get to know students from other universities, and network with HR professionals who served as on-site judges and volunteers for the event.

Baldwin Wallace University won second place in the event, while the University of Akron took third place.  Each university could send up to two teams to compete in the Ohio HR Games, and Ashland University was fortunate to have two teams compete.  The second team was made up of Lindsey McPhern, Trevor Reese, and Chase Rotsinger, whose performance in the competition was exceptional as well. 

The event is run and funded by the Ohio SHRM State Council.  Ashland University faculty member Joan Berry Kalamas serves as the Ohio SHRM State Council College Relations Director and was responsible for coordinating the event. She has served on the Ohio SHRM State Council for 18 years: she previously held the role of Relations Director for 2 years, and currently holds the position again. Kalamas also serves as the Ashland University Human Resources Student Chapter Advisor for the students on campus. She served as the coach for the two teams who competed for AU.

Kalamas said “I am so proud of all the students who participated in the 2019 Ohio HR Games.  They were quick, bright, articulate, and displayed wonderful professionalism.  The future of HR looks great when we realize these are the individuals who will be coming into our profession.  I am also very proud that a team from Ashland University won first place.”  The volunteers also commented on how amazed they were at the breadth and depth of HR knowledge that the students displayed.

Ashland University Team One