Faculty Spotlight

Joan Berry Kalamas, SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources), joined the Ashland University faculty as a professional instructor in business management. She spent 25 years...Read more
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Accounting/Information Systems

Harnessing key details for business success.

With job prospects strong in both the public and private sector, you can take on the challenges of managing money and information so that... Read More

Economics & Finance

Gain the broad financial literacy that impacts the world.

The current world economy, banking meltdowns and drama in investment markets makes understanding economics and finance more important... Read More

Marketing / Hospitality / Fashion Merchandising

Training a new generation for top jobs.

No matter the business climate, companies always need marketing support that extends beyond traditional media and into research to events and even supply... Read More

Sport Management

Welcome to the Department of Sport Management

Study an ever-changing field where business, entertainment, and sport collide.

Study the most relevant course content, with examples often... Read More