Exceptional Faculty who are Business Professionals

Our finance faculty brings real-world experience into the classroom. While we certainly earned our academic credentials, we are not career academics, and that matters. You’ll have access to our industry connections and life experience long after your time at Ashland University ends.

Faculty & Staff

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Dr. Mark Nadler Dr. Mark Nadler
Associate Professor
208, Richard E. and Sandra J. Dauch College of Business and Economics
Dr. Mark A. Nadler has an undergraduate degree in accounting and a Ph.D. in economics. Dr. Nadler has many publications in the area of economic and financial education and is a monthly columnist for Employee Benefit News where he writes on 401(k) issues and investment education.  Dr. Nadler teaches undergraduate theory courses and managerial economics at the MBA level.

Rumker Terry Rumker
Assistant Professor
103, Richard E. and Sandra J. Dauch College of Business and Economics
Professor Terry Rumker, assistant professor of finance, joined the faculty in 1989.  He is a CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) and earned a Master of Business Administration from Ashland University. Teaching areas include personal finance, investments and corporate finance. In addition, he is a partner and sole proprietor of two companies that work with organizations nationally in the area of financial literacy and... Read More

Dr. Hongxia Wang
Associate Professor
221, Richard E. and Sandra J. Dauch College of Business and Economics
Dr. Hongxia Wang, associate professor of finance, joined Ashland University in 2009. Her teaching interests are corporate finance, international finance, and financial institutions. Her current research interests include corporate finance, corporate governance, CEO succession, executive compensation, corporate social responsibility and financial institutions. Dr. Wang received her Ph.D. from Southern Illinois... Read More