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Reserving Rooms in Dauch

To reserve a room for either a recurring or one-time event in Dauch College of Business and Economics, please send an email to Jenny Homan ( stating the specifics of your request. Please include the following in your email:

  • Date / dates
  • Time, start to end time
  • Number of people attending
  • Group purpose
  • Contact information including, email, name, and phone number
  • If a student group, the faculity advisor contact information
  • For AV needs, please submit an IT ticket

Please allow 24 - 48 hours to complete this request. We will do our best to respond to the request as soon as possible.  Please note that requests need to be approved by the Senior Associate Dean prior to confirmation of reservation.  However, once the form is received we are happy to tentatively hold the room per request.

Dauch Rooms Available for Reservation:

Room: 102 Capacity: 12 Information: 10 chairs around table Type of Room: Conference Room Conference Room Inforamtion: Computer

Room: 104 Capacity: 26 Type of Room: Classroom

Room: 105 Capacity: 26 Type of Room: Tier Classroom

Room: 115 Capacity: 103 Type of RoomInternational Executive Education Center, formally known as the Ridenour Room

Room: 116 Capacity: 12 Information: 12 chairs around table with 4 extra in room Type of Room: Conference Room Conference Room Inforamtion: Computer