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Welcome to Marketing

Develop the marketing skills that make you valuable to any organization.

Learn the fundamentals of building a branding strategy and brainstorming creative ideas in order to bring a campaign to life.

We’ll give you the marketing tools in the classroom, and then you’ll put them to work in special-interest courses and real projects for real companies through required internships.

What You’ll Love About the Marketing Major:

  • No matter the medium — electronic, print or otherwise — the fundamentals of marketing remain the same, so you’ll study theory and work on plenty of practical applications through collaboration and internships.
  • Nothing is more fun that combining business savvy with creativity. So, get ready to laugh your way through brainstorming sessions and to feel the satisfaction of bringing a campaign to life.
  • Spend class time with friendly students and supportive professors, then broaden your skills through exciting internships with companies, big and small.
  • Get the chance to think big since companies increasingly rely on marketing professionals as early as product development, not just sales and promotion afterwards.

Reach Your Career Goals

Despite advancements in technology and communication venues (email, web, social networks), marketing boils down to the four P’s:

  • Product
  • Placement
  • Pricing
  • Promotion

We’ll teach you to take these nuts-and-bolts concepts into any market for any product for any company. Our graduates get jobs. Period. In fact, 97 percent of Ashland University’s marketing graduates find placements they want, not just any job.

Gain Real World Experience

You’ll become a savvy tactician, the mechanic of marketing, a boots-on-the-ground, results-oriented marketing professional. We’ll give you the tools in the classroom, then you’ll get to tinker with them through special-interest courses and real projects for real companies through required internships. Our grads have gone on to work for companies such as:

  • Wells Fargo
  • Enterprise Rent-a-Car
  • Timken Steel

Interesting Classes You May Take

  • Consumer Behavior — Study the cognitive, behavioral and social influences on consumer attitudes, perceptions and purchases, including decision-making and how marketing efforts shape that process.
  • Market Analysis and Research — Explore the research process and analysis of data, including market stratification, data validation and statistical significance.
  • Retail Merchandising — Study the operation and management of retail establishments, including store policies, location, services, buying and sales records.