Alison Vogler '14

Alison Vogler
I have worked in Frito-Lay's Canton Traffic Center this past summer. This is where all the OTR drivers work from and our job is to make every delivery on time. We manage their schedules, where they will pick up a load and where to deliver it, so that the customer gets our products on time. Frito-Lay is a division of PepsiCo, which is a company that really cares for it's employees. I had to communicate with other traffic centers in the eastern division and be on several conference calls with them. It was also mandatory that I attend all meetings with the managers, so that I knew what was going on at all times and give my input on how I felt they should handle the situation. I had two major tasks that I was in charge of while interning this past summer. One was to find ways to lessen the financial impact of the Hours of Service laws change to our traffic center and find mitigation tactics to make it easier for our drivers to adapt to this change. My other project was to build a driver forecast availability model to better forecast what drivers would be available and at what times four-to-five days out. This proved difficult when the drivers would find which run they had only the day before their run. I learned how a traffic center operates and how something very little can impact a company so much. I learned how hard it is to always have at least 98 percent on-time deliveries. I have also learned quite a bit about Frito-Lay and how the company operates on many different levels. My AU classes have showed me how to use Microsoft Excel and how to build spreadsheets. My supply chain classes have helped to understand how the supply chain works and ways to fix issues that may occur. They have also helped me to better understand the impact of every aspect of the supply chain and what it takes to make on time deliveries to lessen the amount of inventory needed. I have learned about the supply chain and now I have seen it first hand. I better understand what can happen that can change how a company functions and ways to find mitigation tactics. I have also been able to make several spreadsheets and my skill level has advanced in Microsoft Excel.