Angie Phillips '15

Angie Phillips
Sugar Cupcakery is an organic cupcake shop that is located in Old Milford but targets the higher-end clientele of greater Cincinnati. The cupcake flavors change daily with whatever ingredients are in season and can be made to order. Sugar also makes gluten-free cupcakes and vegan cupcakes for those with allergies. I worked in the back of the store and the front of the store so I got a good taste of how a small bakery runs. In the kitchen, I was in charge of preparing the cupcakes each day (along with the head pastry chef); organized the kitchen each morning and afternoon for optimal workflow; took inventory; and prepared large orders for weddings, graduations, and events. In the front of the house I helped with keeping the storefront clean, training the employees, managing parties in the party room, as well as the typical duties of a sales associate employee. The head pastry chef had enough confidence in me to run the kitchen so she let me take charge of choosing the menu, preparing the cupcakes along with the help of another baker, and taking inventory. What I learned was how a small bakery runs on a daily basis which is invaluable for my future. Sugar has much to improve upon as it enters into its growth stage of the business life cycle but seeing the ins and outs of this business was absolutely incredible.