Tessa Rose '14

Tessa Rose
I did my internship at Salem Golf Club. My duties were to oversee the operations of the pool, scheduling for the employees and overall making sure the pool stayed functional. I also worked a lot of banquets inside, where I would set up for the parties, serve during the parties and then tear down and clean up the parties. Also during my time at the Salem Golf Club, I job shadowed some of my fellow employees (bartenders/head chef) to see how their operations worked and how they went about setting up for their day as well as tear down. It taught me to be even more organized with everything that I do. During my experience this summer, I was able to step up more as a leader, and felt like the other employees were able to come to me with issues, ideas and questions about the job and the pool. A lot of my hospitality classes were a big help in preparing me for this internship because they were able to give me more of a perspective of the industry as a whole.