Trilby Glick '14

Trilby Glick
I did my internship at University Directories. I went to over thirty businesses a day to speak to business owners about their potential in the Ashland University community. I would work with them to figure out which ads would work the best for them. Some major things that were accomplished were renewing contracts for businesses that had advertised in the past, which was a challenge, and recruiting new businesses, as well. In this internship I learned to be patient because it sometimes takes time for decision makers to contemplate the possibilities. I have also learned to be persistent and that persistence is what can make a sale. I have learned that when I am in a career there will be real goals, and that I have to work my hardest to achieve those goals. I have also learned to work in a team and that teammates have to empower each other to do their best. My marketing classes at AU certainly prepared me for the internship. I also found myself speaking Spanish to some business owners, so my minor helped me as well. I got real-life experience with marketing and it was really helpful.