Our Mission and Values

Mission of the Dwight Schar College of Education

The mission of the Dwight Schar College of Education, an exemplary private education college in the Midwest, is to ensure that graduates will transform students, schools and society through the collaboration with expert, caring faculty who engage effective preservice and practicing educators and human service professionals.

Values of the College

Accent on the Individual

Candidates in the Dwight Schar College of Education (DSCOE) understand how individuals are shaped by social, economic and psychological factors as well as gender and other characteristics. They appreciate the diverse talents, cultural understandings and experiences of all individuals.


Candidates in DSCOE listen carefully to other members of the learning community (faculty members, students, school personnel and human service professionals). They share information and insights in order to clarify and deepen their understanding to improve society.


Candidates in DSCOE continually pursue new understandings about the world and communicate the humanistic and spiritual value of learning. They draw on this knowledge to create meaningful learning experiences that employ appropriate technology and are differentiated to respond to the wide diversity among students.


Candidates in DSCOE use reflection as a tool to find stability in the midst of change. They demonstrate reflection by identifying professional strengths and needs and by planning for professional growth to improve future performance.


Candidates in DSCOE assume responsibility to be active in improving their profession. They can articulate a moral framework from which they derive standards of professional behavior in teaching, in research and in leadership studies.