Department Info

Dr. Louise Fleming

Chair, Department Foundations, Inquiry, & Community Education

Foundations, Inquiry and Community Education

Providing a framework for all professional educators

These fundamental courses provide an important framework for teachers at all levels and in all subject areas.

You’ll enjoy beginning your teaching career with a strong foundation in educational history, philosophy, theory and socio-cultural contexts. Our goal is to help you become a reflective, informed and socially aware member of the educational community as well as a valuable member of the communities at large served by schools and school districts of all sizes.

The challenges faced in the profession are great, but the truth is they always have been. The Foundations, Inquiry, & Community Education Department will show you how what’s happening today fits into a larger story. Our hope is that you’ll make more informed decisions throughout your career thanks to the core lessons you’ll learn.

The Department of Foundations, Inquiry, & Community Education Offers:

Graduate Certificates

  • Assessment Certificate
  • Outdoor Education Certificate

Graduate Core Courses

Undergraduate Core Courses

  • Introduction to Teaching: Exploring Teaching as a Career  
  • Teaching and Learning Process
  •  Social and Professional Issues in Education

Our Mission and You

The Department of Foundations, Inquiry, and Community Education is committed to an understanding of the origins, influences, and dynamics of education, inquiry as a foundation for what we know and do; and learning within and about the community.  The Department values the democratic exchange of ideas and partnering with the communities it serves.

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