Jennifer Groman

Jennifer Groman

Assistant Professor, Talent Development Program
Dwight Schar College of Education
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Jennifer Groman, holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Akron (2015), with a specialization and MA in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University (2015). In addition, she holds an MEd in Supervision from Ashland University (2000) and received her Gifted endorsement from Ashland. She was the Assistant Director of the Ashland University Summer Honors Institute for the Gifted (formerly the Governor’s Institute) for 12 years. She was an adjunct for the College of Education from 2000 and was twice awarded as a Professional Fellow.

Jennifer was a K-8 teacher working over a 30 year span as a general education teacher, Title I Reading and Math, and Gifted Intervention Specialist in Ohio, Georgia, Florida and Caithness, Scotland. She has experience working in Arts Administration in Ashland and Mansfield, and working as a Gifted Consultant for the Ohio Department of Education for four years as part of the I-GET-GTEd Ohio Javits Grant project. She is a singer/songwriter with 4 self-published CDs of original songs. She lives in Wooster.

Jennifer Groman and Tuffy

Research Areas

Gifted and Teacher Education
Arts-Infused Practice
Transpersonal Psychology

Courses Taught

EDIS 650 Nature and Needs of the Talented
EDIS 651 Curriculum for Teachers of the Talented
EDIS 653 Guid. and Counseling for Teachers of the Talented
EDIS 654 Creativity Studies for Teachers of the Talented
EDIS 796 Internship for Teachers of the Talented
EDIS 781 Capstone in Talent Development
EDIS 788 Capstone Inquiry Seminar in Talent Development
EDUC 130 Introduction to Teaching
EDUC 710 Internship for Teachers
EDFN 202 The Teaching and Learning Process
EDFN 500 Contemporary Education: Issues and Topics
EDFN 645 Educational Psychology and Human Development