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Image of Dean Breault Dr. Donna Breault
Dean's Suite, Dwight Schar College of Education
Dr. Donna Breault received her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Supervision from Georgia State University.  Her research interests include John Dewey’s theory of inquiry and how it relates to curriculum theorizing, teacher education, and the nature and purpose of educational research. She has also studied school and university partnerships and trends in program development in higher education. Her recent publications include... Read More

Dr. Carla Abreu-Ellis, Associate Professor Dr. Carla Abreu-Ellis
Professor, CEC Faculty Advisor
162, Dwight Schar College of Education
Dr. Carla Abreu-Ellis, Professor, holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Bowling Green State University. Dr. Abreu-Ellis teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the Dwight Schar College of Education at Ashland University. Her research interests include College students with disabilities, technology and disabilities, access to education and retention of college students, Universal Design, and... Read More

Dr. Bonnie Adams, Associate Professor Dr. Bonnie Adams
Director of Quality Assurance, Associate Professor
255, Dwight Schar College of Education
Dr. Bonnie Adams, Associate Professor, joined the Ashland University faculty in 1989. Her areas of expertise include storytelling, child abuse and learning disabilities. She received her Ph.D. in special education, evaluation and measurement from Kent State University; master's degree in special education from Kent State University; master of science degree in psychology from Carnegie-Mellon University; and a... Read More

Dr. Judy Alston, Chair, Professor, Dept. of Leadership Studies , & Educational Administration Dr. Judy Alston
127, Dwight Schar College of Education
Dr. Judy A. Alston joined the Ashland University faculty in 2007. Her research foci include Black female school superintendents; the exploration of how the intersections of class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual diversity and ability affect leaders; tempered radicals; servant leadership; and black LGBT issues in educational leadership. She received her Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration from The... Read More

Dr. Penny Arnold, Associate Professor Dr. Penny Arnold
Associate Professor
226, Dwight Schar College of Education
Dr. Penny Arnold, Associate Professor, joined the Ashland University faculty in 1996. Her areas of expertise include the effectiveness of proficiency test and board certified teachers. She was one of the first teachers in the country to earn National Board Certification. She is a multi-year recipient of the Academic Mentor Award.  She has 30 years experience as a middle school teacher and two years experience... Read More

Dr. Linda Billman, Associate Professor Dr. Linda Billman
Co-Chair of Doctoral Studies and Advanced Programs, Associate Professor
256, Dwight Schar College of Education
Dr. Linda Billman, Associate Professor, has been a member of the Ashland University faculty since 1997. She has served as chair of the Department of Early Childhood and the associate dean of the College of Education. Dr. Billman earned her Ph.D. from the University of Akron. She teaches in the areas of educational foundations and literacy.  Dr. Billman has extensive leadership experiences within both state and... Read More

Image of Terri Bisel Terri Bisel
Administrative Assistant
160, Dwight Schar College of Education
Terri has worked for Ashland University  in the College of Education since 2000.

Amy Brafford Amy Brafford
Administrative Assistant
214, Dwight Schar College of Education
Amy has been with Ashland University since 1998.

Dr. Herb Broda Dr. Herb Broda
Emeritus Faculty
217, Dwight Schar College of Education
Retired Emeritus faculty. Dr. Herbert Broda, Professor, joined Ashland University in 1998. His areas of expertise include outdoor education, the school yard as a teaching tool and middle grade education. He received the Taylor Teaching Award in 2007 and was named Outstanding Male Faculty Member of the Year in 2009. Dr. Broda serves as the university's Coordinator of First Year Experiences. He has a bachelor of arts... Read More

Dr. Frederick Burton Dr. Frederick Burton
Associate Professor
230C, Columbus Center
Dr. Fred Burton, Associate Professor, joined the Ashland University faculty in 2008.  With extensive experience as an elementary school teacher and principal, he brings a practical perspective that is informed by his theoretical and philosophical roots in child-centered, progressive education.  His areas of expertise include early and middle childhood education, Reggio-Emilia inspired teaching and integrated... Read More

Dr. Cathryn Chappell, Associate Professor Dr. Cathryn Chappell
Associate Professor
220D, Columbus Center
Dr. Cathryn Chappell, Associate Professor, joined Ashland University in 2004. Her areas of expertise include assessment, multicultural education, peace education, and social justice issues. Her primary areas of scholarship include post-secondary prison education and libraries as community centers. She earned her B.A. in psychology and M.Ed., and Ed.D. in the social and psychological foundations of education at the... Read More

Dr. James Chapple, Professional Instructor Dr. James Chapple
Professional Instructor, Field Experience and Internship Placement Coordinator, Faculty Mentor
UC108A, Elyria Center UC
Dr. James Chapple, Professional Instructor, joined Ashland University in 2003. He was a recipient of an Academic Mentor Award in 2009. His areas of expertise include disabilities, working with children with disabilities and including children with disabilities in the general education classroom. Chapple holds a master of science degree from Bowling Green State University, a bachelor of science degree from Miami... Read More

Diane Craig Diane Craig
Professional Instructor, OSEA Faculty Advisor
167, Dwight Schar College of Education
Diane E. Craig, Professional Instructor, joined Ashland University in 2008. Mrs. Craig has a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from The University of Akron, a M.Ed. In Early Childhood Education from Kent State University and is completing her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at Kent State University. She has taught a variety of courses for both preschool through primary grade education, and is... Read More

Dr. Robert Cyders, Professional Instructor Dr. Robert Cyders
Professional Instructor
257, Dwight Schar College of Education
Dr. Bob Cyders continues his long professional association with the university, serving as a Professional Instructor.  Dr. Cyders comes to AU fulltime faculty after serving 8 years with the Ohio Department of Education as a member of the School Improvement Diagnostic Review team  Previously, he served as a curriculum consultant and team leader with the Mid-Ohio Education Service Center, in the central office and as... Read More

Dr. Stephen Denney, Assistant Professor Dr. Stephen Denney
Assistant Professor
UC105I, Elyria Center UC
Dr. Stephen Denney, Assistant Professor, joined Ashland University in 2007. His areas of expertise include transition and self-determination for students with disabilities. He earned his B.A.in History from the University of Colorado and his M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Special Education from Kent State University.

Image of Dr. Jason Brent Ellis, UE Dr. Jason Brent Ellis
Professor, Program Coordinator, M.Ed. in C&I: Educational Technology
164, Dwight Schar College of Education
Born and raised in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, Dr. Jason Brent Ellis, Professor of Educational Technology, joined the Ashland University faculty in 2007. His research focuses on historical representations and artifacts of technology, disability and inclusion in the 19th and 20th centuries, instructional design in teletandem models of language acquisition, pedagogy and didactics, both modern and historical. Currently... Read More

Image of Dr. Fleming Louise Conn Fleming-Dufala, Ph.D.
Emeritus Faculty
227, Dwight Schar College of Education
Retired Emeritus faculty. Louise Conn Fleming-Dufala, Ph.D., has been a Professor of Education at Ashland University in Ashland Ohio for 23 years. She is the Chairperson of the Department of Foundations, Inquiry, and Community Education. She teaches Democracy in Education, Social and Professional Issues, and Outdoor Education. For years, she has researched, presented, and published on democracy in education and in... Read More

Jennifer Groman Jennifer Groman
Assistant Professor, Talent Development Program
257, Dwight Schar College of Education
Jennifer Groman, holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Akron (2015), with a specialization and MA in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University (2015). In addition, she holds an MEd in Supervision from Ashland University (2000) and received her Gifted endorsement from Ashland. She was the Assistant Director of the Ashland University Summer Honors Institute for the Gifted (formerly the... Read More

Ashland University Seal Elizabeth Kathleen Guion
Administrative Assistant
133, Dwight Schar College of Education
At Ashland University since 2016.

Dr. Sarah Hall, Associate Professor Dr. Sarah Hall
Co-chair of Teacher Education (Bachelor's Plus Programs), Associate Professor
200D, Columbus Center
Sarah Hall, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Ashland University.  She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in transition, collaboration and consultation, classroom and behavior management, assessment, and educational intervention.  Her research interests include the social inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the concerns of their... Read More