Certificate in Outdoor Education

What is a Certificate in Outdoor Education?

Outdoor Education is a certificate program that introduces graduate students to the field of outdoor education. It is an

interdisciplinary program that emphasizes the use of the outdoors and communities as instructional tools. The certificate

includes twelve hours. Required courses are EDFN 526 Using the Schoolyard as an Instructional Tool, EDFN 527

Place-Based Education, EDFN 528 Explorations: Methods in Outdoor Education, and EDFN 504 Action Research.

Why Should I be Interested in a Certificate in Outdoor Education?

The certificate allows you to learn skills to apply in any teaching setting – formal or nonformal. You will learn background,

benefits, and methods of outdoor education and have fun in the process. The courses involve field trips and activities

in outdoor places. In addition, should you want to pursue a Masters of Education, Teaching and Learning in the 21st

Century, all of your courses will be automatically applied.

What skills will I learn?

The participant will be able to:

  • Understand theories and historical development of outdoor education
  • Define benefits and terms related to outdoor education
  • Use various methods to teach academics, using the outdoors and communities
  • Discuss historical and current issues, related to the outdoors and communities
  • Develop curriculum materials to teach outdoor education

How Will I Be Assessed?

  • Research presentations
  • Development of curriculum materials
  • Essays/discussions of readings

When Are the Courses Offered?

Three courses are conveniently offered on weekends. EDFN 504 is offered online. The program is also available for cohorts of

students. Please contact Program Director for your closest AU regional center.

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Amy Brady, Assistant Professor, joined Ashland University in 2008. Her area of expertise is how teachers professionally and emotionally deal with the effects of... Read more