Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century (TL-21)

The M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction: Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century (TL-21) is a 30-hour program that allows you to tailor your  graduate program to fit your professional goals. You can choose a cognate area of 9-12 semester hours or customize your program to add a certificate, endorsement or a group of approved workshops or other graduate courses. 

Is this program for you?

  • You want a program that focuses on the improvement of classroom instruction.

  • You want a program that allows you to tailor its nine hours of electives to meet your interests and professional goals.

  • You want a program that includes both theory and practice.

What courses are in this program?

Course Numbers and Titles Credit Hours

Introduction to TL-21:        

EDCI 521:  Technology for the 21st Century


M.Ed. Core Courses:

Select one three-hour course from each of four standards (Curriculum Foundations, Social & Historical Foundations, Inquiry and Diversity)

EDFN 501:  APA Seminar


Major Professional Courses:

EDFN 646:  Educational Assessment

Electives:  Select courses based on interests and professional goals. Hours may include those that lead to  an endorsement or certificate program (see below).


Advanced Field Practicum:

EDUC 710:  Field Practicum in Education


Capstone Experience:

EDUC 788 or EDUC 781:  Capstone Inquiry Seminar or Thesis Capstone in Education


Total Hours in Program (Hours may vary due to selected core courses.) 30-33

Are you interested in earning a certificate or endorsement while completing the TL-21 program?

You may use hours from the TESOL Endorsement, or Ashland University's Technology Certificate program for the elective hours in the TL-21 program. These programs, listed elsewhere on the website, have nine through 12 hours that may be applied to the degree. For more information, talk with the M.Ed. program director located at each program site.

Where can you take the Major Professional Courses for this program?

Graduate classes are offered in face-to-face, hybrid (combination of face-to-face and online) and online formats. Online classes have no face-to-face meetings, but may meet for synchronous classes sessions throughout a given semester or term. While not all courses are available online, many can be found in hybrid formats. Classes for the M.Ed. core and professional courses required for the TL-21 program are offered at all program locations; a number are also available online. Elective hours are based on your interests and may be taken at various locations.

Endorsement or Certificate Hours that May be Applied to the TL-21 Program and Where Courses for these Programs are Offered






Some Courses May be Available Online

Technology Certificate

♦ (All Courses)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Endorsement


Elective Hours Not Leading to an Endorsement or Certificate


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