Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the length of the program (semester hours and total number of years)?

*There are a total of 59 hours required in the program and most students take between 4 - 5 years to complete the entire process.

2. Is there a residency requirement and, if so, what does it entail?

* Yes, there is a residency requirement. Residency is accomplished in two ways. First, it is done during the first summer of the program, when students begin the program. Second, it is maintained through continuous enrollment in the program until completion of the doctoral degree.

3. Which campus will classes be held on and what night of the week? Are there options, or is this only offered one specific day of the week?

* All of the program's core courses take place on Ashland's main campus in Ashland, Ohio. Classes during the fall and spring semesters are held on Wednesday evenings only from 5 pm to 8 pm. In the summer term, the days of class meetings vary. During summer there may be class on Friday evening and all day on Saturdays.

4. When are cognate courses offered?

*Cognate courses are not part of the program core and are frequently taken through other departments/colleges on campus (or in some cases other universities). The days and times of these classes will vary as well as the campus in which they are offered. Cognate courses can be completed at AU's other campus locations. Additionally, up to 9 semester hours of the cognate can be completed at another institution.

5. Is any part of the program available online?

* At this time, none of our core classes are offered entirely online. However, most of our classes are taught in a hybrid format where you meet in person some weeks and online during other weeks.

6. When will the next cohort start?

* Cohorts begin in May of each year. Please visit the Becoming a Doctoral Student page for a list of deadlines and information on how to apply.

7. Are there options, such as a cohort starting each semester, so that I can choose the easiest start date?

* No - only 1 cohort begins each year. Students are not permitted to take core courses mid-cycle. However, there are various application deadlines which allow students to gain acceptance into the program one or two semesters prior to starting classes with the next cohort in May. This allows students to get a jump start on cognate courses.

8. Can I transfer in credit from another graduate program?

* Students are able to transfer in up to 9 semester hours of post-graduate credit. So, if you have completed graduate-level courses which have not been used toward any other degree, it is possible to transfer in some of those hours provided that they are applicable to your field of study. Additionally, if you know that you would like your cognate to be a principal or superintendent license, you can get started on those courses before you officially enter the doctoral program and we will let them count 9 hours toward their cognate. A benefit in doing so is that those 9 hours will be charged at the (lower) master’s degree tuition rate.