Introducing the M.Ed. in Adult Education

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The M.Ed. in Adult Education is a graduate degree for education professionals and practitioners who are not associated with the K-12 education system.  While there are 50 million youth enrolled in the nation’s K-12 system for formal teaching and learning, there are over 250 million adults who are increasingly seeking and needing formal, life-long-learning related to health and wellness, economic and workforce issues, encore career development, and a variety of cultural, second language, and adult life contexts. 


  • A 18 hour graduate core meets the national standards for Graduate Programs in Adult Education. 
  • This core is complimented by graduate cognates in Assessment, Higher Education Administration, Technology Facilitator, TESOL, Outdoor Education, Christian Education.

The Bottom Line? 

The Bureau of Labor Department statistics indicate that employment opportunities in adult education will increase by more than 21% through 2025 and beyond.  This is linked, in part, to emerging trends in the U.S. that include: the need for adults to develop skills for encore careers, due to technological and economic changes in society; the increasing migration of second language residents to the U.S., and of U.S. adult populations globally due to workforce issues; and the emergence of health and wellness concerns related to the U.S. adult population that implicate rising health care costs.  Each of these trends is associated to the need for formal adult education and training programs, and a necessary rise in the number of trained educators and education leaders in adult education work settings.

M.Ed. Adult Education

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