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Intervention Specialist: Mild to Moderate Needs

Course Numbers and Titles Credit Hours

M.Ed. Core Courses:

Select one three-hour course from each of four standards (Curriculum Foundations, Social & Historical Foundations, Inquiry and Diversity)

EDFN 501:  APA Seminar


Major Professional Courses:

EDIS 546:  Introduction to Educational Intervention

EDIS 535:  Curriculum/Methods for Career/Daily Living Skills

EDIS 541:  Creating Effective Learning Environments

EDIS 542:  Communication, Consultation & Teaming Skills 

EDIS 548:  Assessing and Teaching Children with Mild-Moderate Educational Needs

EDIS 507:  Language/Communication Disorders in Children & Intervention

EDIS 579:  Special Education Law, Policies & Procedures for Intervention Specialist


Advanced Field Practicum:

This requirement is met through activities completed in EDIS 541.

Capstone Experience:

EDUC 788 or EDUC 781:  Capstone Inquiry Seminar or Thesis Capstone in Education

Total Hours in Program (Hours may vary due to selected core courses.) 30-36