The Fast Track to your M.Ed. in Educational Leadership + Administrative Licensure

Courses featuring the most up to date content and instruction from preeminent leaders and practitioners in the field of educational administration will allow you to be among the best educational leaders of the future. 

Critical content areas such as school climate, professional ethics, and school safety will provide graduates of the Educational Leadership Program with skills and dispositions that other university programs simply do not offer. Opportunities for online as well as face to face instructional experiences, along with flexible options for program completion will better meet the needs of students.

  1. Save time and money!  The number of hours required for the MED and licensure has decreased, saving you time and money.

    • The internship has decreased from 6 hours to 4 hours, although it will still be completed over a full academic year.

    • Acquiring administrative licensure will decrease from the current requirement of 9 hours to 6 hours.

  2. Demonstrate your exact competencies to potential employers.  The Educational Leadership Program courses are comprised of one hour modules. While you will still take two or three hour courses, the individual modules will be listed on your transcript, allowing you to demonstrate to potential employers exactly what competencies you've acquired as part of the MED program. 

  3. Flexible scheduling options that fit your needs. All program, capstone, and licensure modules are offered each semester in a fast track A/ B format (7 weeks), allowing for more flexibility in scheduling the required classes. Modules are offered online, along with a new seminar option that provides for a hybrid of online work and with a limited number of face to face classes.

  4. An updated, improved curriculum. The new program modules are aligned to key state and national professional standards such as ELCC standards, Ohio Principal Standards, the Ohio Assessment for Educators Educational Leadership standards and others. This curriculum alignment better prepares you to pass the tests required for administrative licensure.

M.Ed. Educational Leadership

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