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Gifted Intervention Specialist

The Gifted Intervention Specialist endorsement program prepares teachers to teach gifted and talented students (K-12) in Ohio.

Is this program for you?

    • You want to develop, teach and supervise curricula and services for students identified as Talented or Gifted in Ohio K-12 schools.

    • You want to add the Gifted Intervention Specialist endorsement to your current license(s) or advance your knowledge by completing the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction: Talent Development.

    • You want to understand the needs, current issues, and effective methods for providing services for students identified as Talented or Gifted in Ohio K-12 schools.

    • You want an endorsement that will help you obtain employment.

What courses are in this program?

Course Numbers and Titles

Credit Hours

EDIS 650:  Nature/Needs of the Talented


EDIS 651:  Curriculum Development for the Talented


EDIS 652:  Development & Supervision of Programs for the Talented


EDIS 653:  Guidance & Counseling for the Talented                                            


EDIS 654:  Creativity Studies for Teachers of the Talented


EDIS 796:  Internship for Talented Programs or Talented Education Internship


Total Hours


Where can you take courses for this program?

Graduate classes are offered in face-to-face, hybrid (combination of face-to-face and online) and online formats. Online classes have no face-to-face meetings, but may meet for synchronous classes sessions throughout a given semester or term. While not all courses are available online, many can be found in hybrid formats.


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