Innovative Programs

Ashland offers education programs that fit today’s students. Revised B.S.Ed. degrees in Early Childhood, Early Childhood Intervention and Intervention Specialist (Special Education) provide more flexibility for students. We have undergraduate 2+2 programs in Elyria and Columbus that allow students across the state to earn a bachelor’s degree in teaching. Graduate students’ options include the TESOL endorsement, certificates, online degree and endorsement programs, and a variety of other opportunities designed for busy professionals.

Newly revised undergraduate degree programs provide students with the content essential for today’s beginning teachers. Those in the Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Intervention Specialist programs, who want to teach in prekindergarten to grade 3 classrooms, will have coursework that has a strong emphasis on teaching young children of all abilities needed literacy skills. Students may take additional course work to earn an Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement if they want to teach in self-contained grades 4 and 5. The Intervention Specialist degree can lead to teaching children in kindergarten-grade 12 with mild, moderate and intensive needs or a combination of mild-moderate or moderate-intensive needs. The program is designed to be completed within 4 years.

While 2 + 2 programs have been at Ashland for a number of years, they are being expanded to include new sites and programs. Students attending the Lorain County Community College in Elyria or the Columbus State Community College begin their academic career at the community colleges and then transfer to the Ashland Centers located at LCCC and Ashland’s Columbus location on Rt. 161 for the final 2 years. Elyria students choose among the Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Intervention Specialist, Middle Grades (4-9) or Intervention Specialist programs. Columbus students complete the Early Childhood Education degree.

Ashland now offers a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) Endorsement for practicing teachers who want to learn additional skills to support the learning of children who have English as a second language. This endorsements can be integrated with the 30-hour M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction: Teaching in the 21st Century (TL-21) program. A certificate programs in Technology for the 21st Century can also be embedded in this degree program.

For those professionals wanting online programs, the College offers several options. These include the M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction: Educational Technology, the Technology Facilitator Endorsement (focusing on building/district technology), and the Technology for the 21st Century Certificate (focusing on classroom technology) are all available online.

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Maria Sargent, Professor
Dr. Maria Sargent teaches Early Childhood undergraduate and graduate courses in behavior intervention and biomedical issues. Dr. Sargent is a nationally recognized expert in early...Read more