How to Apply

It is best to begin the license application process early in your teacher preparation program. It is a good idea to visit the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) website (Educator Licenses) to know what licenses and endorsements available in Ohio and what is involved in obtaining a license. That way you will be better informed as to your options and requirements as you are advised through your time at AU.

Applying for an Initial 4-Yr Residential License

  1. Take the required OAE tests and requested that your scores be sent to AU.
  2. Use the fill-able COE Intent to Apply form to notify the licensing office that you will be applying for a license. This should be submitted approximately 90 days before actually applying for your license.
  3. Create an OHID Account and follow the steps to apply for a license.

Applying for a Principal/CIPD/Superintendent License

  1. Take the required OAE test and request that your score be sent to AU.
  2. Submit an Employment Verification form from a past or present employer to show that you have the prerequisite years of teaching at the grade band(s) for which you are applying or administrative experience for the Superintendent license.
  3. Apply for the license using your OHID Account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you apply more than one year after completing a preparation program you must re-apply to the program and have your transcript reviewed according current program standards.