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Are you looking for an online program? We have a variety of programs designed to meet the needs the professional goals of many educators.

M.Ed. in Adult Education

Teach anytime, anywhere! While there are 50 million youth enrolled in the nation’s K-12 system for formal teaching and learning, there are over 250 million adults who are increasingly seeking and needing formal, life-long-learning related to health and wellness, economic and workforce issues, encore career development, and a variety of cultural, second language, and adult life contexts. 

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership + Administrative License

Faster, Cheaper, Stronger. Flexible scheduling options that fit your needs. All program, capstone, and licensure modules are offered each semester in a fast track A/ B format (7 weeks), allowing for more flexibility in scheduling the required classes. Modules are offered online, along with a new seminar option that provides for a hybrid of online work and with a limited number of face to face classes.

M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction: Educational Technology

As simple as 123! Rated as 123 in the USA for Online M.Ed. programs, this program will enable you to focus on the educational needs within a building or campus while also earning an advanced degree. All of the course work for the Computer/Technology Endorsement is included in this degree, with an additional 12-hour core curriculum and a capstone experience. This program is 30 to 33 semester hours.

M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction: Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century (TL-21) 

Refine your craft! A 30-hour program that allows you to focus your electives in an area of your choosing!

Technology for the 21st Century Certificate

This 12-hour program is designed for teachers who want to improve their skills with technology for the teaching and learning processs. You will learn how to more effectively teach using current technologies. This certificate is offered through Ashland University and does not result in an additional endorsement for Ohio teachers. Hours from the program can be integrated with the M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction: Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century (TL-21) program.

Computer/Technology Endorsement

Boasting a 100% pass rate on the OAE Computer Tech sub-test, you will learn the technological needs of today's learners with an eye towards the teaching-learning process, the telecommunications and networking required to support instruction, instructional design, the social, ethical, legal and human issues surrounding the use of technology, methods and strategies for implementing technology and the skills required of those leading the use of technology within schools and other institutions. The endorsement can be added to an Ohio teacher's license in 18 semester hours.

FAQs for Online Programs

1. Do I need to attend classes at an Ashland University center or campus? No. Online programs are designed so that students do not need to attend face-to-face class sessions. However, you may be required to meet for synchronous class sessions as a part of your online class. Check the schedule when you register for a given online class. Synchronous class session dates and times should be listed in the course description/schedule.

2. What Learning Management System (LMS) is used at Ashland? We use the Blackboard LMS for our online courses.

3. Who should I talk to regarding the above programs? Request info, apply now, e-mail or call 419.289.5738 (or 1.800.882.1548 x5738).

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