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M.Ed. Capstones and Advanced Field Practicums

Each of Ashland's M.Ed. programs requires a capstone experience. These may take the form of an Inquiry Seminar, Thesis, Practicum, or Internship. Additionally, each program that focuses on PreK-12 education must include an Advanced Field Practicum. In some programs this experience may be a part of the coursework. In others, it may be part of a capstone or a stand-alone experience. See below for additional information.

What Inquiry Seminars and Advanced Field Practicums are Available?

Please see the list below for the available sections of M.Ed. capstones and EDUC 710, Advanced Field Practicum, a course required in many of the M.Ed. programs. While EDUC 710 is often integrated with the EDUC 788 Inquiry Seminar, it is not a requirement to do so. As such, students enrolled in those EDUC 788 seminars without the EDUC 710 may need to take it at some point before completing their programs. Should a faculty member not be offering EDUC 710 with EDUC 788, a generic section of the course is offered each semester. Learn more about EDUC 710.

Faculty Member

Summer 2014

Course Number(s) and Section(s)



Dr. Linda Billman EDUC 710 OL1X

Online (OL) Course

May 12 - June 13

Advanced Field Practicum in Education - Generic Section - Contract Dr. Billman
Dr. Penny Arnold

EDUC 788 (AC, SK, LC, CT, CC)


EDUC 710 (AC, SK, LC, CT, CC)

Ashland, Stark, Elyria, Columbus, Cleveland A Practical Choice for K-12 Teachers: Character Traits in Action
Dr. Cathryn Chappell

EDUC 788 CT2  and

EDUC 710 CT2

Columbus Reflective Practice at the Columbus Metropolitan Library - Summer Reading Camps
Dr. Rosaire Ifedi EDUC 788 CT1 Columbus Global Perspectives in Education: London June 10-24, 2014
Dr. Deanna Romano EDUC 788 OL1X Online (OL) Course How Do I Teach Creativity and Innovation? 
Dr. Brenda Rosler EDUC 788 AC1X

Ashland Campus

(The 3 class meeting dates are on Ashland's Main campus) May 14, 21 and June 11

Active Learning - Learn ways to teach the Common Core Standards

What Capstones and Advanced Field Practicums are Required for My Program?

Please refer to your catalog, checksheet, and the list below. Each program has identified specific capstone experiences.

M.Ed. Program Capstone Options Advanced Field Practicum
Curriculum & Instruction:Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century (TL-21)/Classroom Instruction EDUC 788 or EDUC 781 EDUC 710 (May be Taken with Capstone)
Curriculum & Instruction: Intervention Specialist Moderate/Intensive

EDUC 728 or EDUC 791 or EDUC 738

Not Required
Curriculum & Instruction: Intervention Specialist Mild/Moderate EDUC 788 or EDUC 781 Not Required
Curriculum & Instruction: Talent Development Education EDIS 788 or EDIS 781 EDIS 710 (Take with EDIS 788/781)
Curriculum & Instruction: Reading & Literacy EDUC 788 or EDUC 781 EDUC 710 (May be Taken with Capstone)
Curriculum & Instruction: Educational Technology/Technology Facilitator -- Take with Technology Faculty

EDUC 788 or EDUC 781

Not Required
Educational Administration EDAD 788

EDAD 735 and EDAD 737 or 737 or 739

Sport Education -- Take with Sport Education Faculty EDUC 788 or EDUC 781 or EDUC 747

EDUC 710 (take only if enrolled in EDUC 788/781)

Sport Sciences: Applied Exercise Science -- Take with Applied Exercise Science Faculty

EDUC 728 or EDUC 791 or EDSS 778

Not Applicable