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The formal course work supporting the tenets and goals of the Ed.D. program is organized around the components of an integrative foundations core, organizational leadership core, research core and a cognate area of study selected by the student designed to complement the major area of leadership studies and, at the same time, satisfy the individual needs of the student.

Integrative Foundations Core

Students in the Doctor of Leadership Studies program begin their program of study as a cohort group during the summer semester following their admission into the program. During this time, students complete the necessary hours of initial core requirements.

Organizational Leadership Core

The organizational leadership component focuses on the role of the leader as professional in the human organization. The organizational leadership core consists of four courses in Organizational Dynamics, two courses in Policy Analysis, and the Mentorship component. Emphasis is placed on the importance of organizational culture and the development of support for a shared institutional vision among professionals.

Research Core

The research core consists of four courses, the mentorship project and self-directed dissertation research.  Through doctoral coursework, students will recognize the importance of research and measurement and appreciate their function as underlying threads which connect all facets of the doctoral experience.  The mentorship course provides the opportunity to identify a problem in actual practice, implement a solution and evaluate information collected from the study.  The interpretation and evaluation of literature, both quantitative and qualitative in methodology, in the field of leadership studies are inherent in all course work as well as essential to the completion of the dissertation requirement.

Cognate Area

The cognate allows students to build an area of specialization around a specific area of interest. Students can elect to build their own cognate curriculum or select one of the predefined cognate areas. The cognate area consists of a minimum of 15 semester hours.