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Student Outcomes

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Students who complete the Ashland University Doctorate in Leadership Studies will achieve the ability to:


Demonstrate knowledge of professional organization structures, policies, and procedures.
Demonstrate knowledge and application of leadership strategies in various organizational cultures.


Demonstrate the ability to formulate and articulate a vision, as well as practice the ethical dimension of leadership in the vision’s implementation.
Demonstrate the ability to identify and describe the skills of fellow professionals within an organization and empower them through intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to achieve their full potential.


Demonstrate the use and benefits of open communication across an organization.
Demonstrate knowledge of the political, economic, social and legal aspects that can affect an organization.


Demonstrate the ability to integrate professional experience with scholarly research in order to bridge theory with practice.
Demonstrate knowledge of and an appreciation for the benefits of reflective practices, scholarly activities, as well as personal and professional growth experiences.


Demonstrate knowledge and effective application of various quantitative and qualitative techniques to design and implement a study.
Demonstrate the ability to collect and evaluate data to inform and, when possible, improve upon the policies, procedures and practices of an organization.