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What is a Living-Learning Community?

A living-learning community is a cohort of undergraduates who live in the same residence hall and take a portion of their classes together.

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Undergraduate Degree Programs

When many of our undergraduate students are asked why they enrolled in an education degree program at Ashland University, they often tell us that their teachers or family members recommended Ashland. With degrees that lead to more than 15 teacher licenses and additional endorsements, the Dwight Schar College of Education prepares you to teach in classrooms in Ohio and beyond.

Strengths of our programs include coursework and experiences that prepare you for today’s classrooms, including time spent in K-12 schools within your first or second semester and the content and teaching skills essential for you to be a successful teacher. You learn about the Common Core Standards or other academic standards required for a given program, how to individualize instruction for all children within a classroom, and the tools needed to effectively assess and teach your students based on the data you collect. You also have opportunities to complete part or all of your internship (student teaching) in Celebration or St. Petersburg, Florida, Hilton Head or Charleston, South Carolina, and international locations such as Greece, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, or South Africa.

We offer “2+2” undergraduate programs at our Elyria (Lorain County Community College) and Columbus locations. These programs, designed for students who plan to transfer from Lorain County Community College or Columbus State Community College to Ashland’s teacher education programs, enable you to make the most of the credit hours that you earn at a 2-year institution. We also have agreements with other 2-year community colleges that enable you to stay close to home for two years and then finish your degree at the Ashland campus or at our locations in Columbus or Elyria.

Our Undergraduate Degree Programs

  • Early Childhood Education: If you are interested in teaching children in prekindergarten through grade 3, this is the program for you! Planning carefully, you can complete this program and additional coursework within four years to add an Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement to your program, which will provide you with the credentials to teach grades 4 and 5. You also have the option to complete a Spanish minor.

  • Early Childhood Intervention Specialist (Special Education): If you want to teach children, ages 3-8, who have moderate to intensive educational needs and are in inclusive settings, look at our Early Childhood Intervention Specialist program. You may also earn an additional license in Early Childhood to teach in any prekindergarten through grade 3 setting.

  • Middle Grades Education: If teaching in grades 4 through 9 is your career goal, the Middle Grades program is designed just for you. Students in this program select two content areas (Math, Science, Social Studies, or Language Arts) that they want to teach within these classrooms. You may also elect to earn a Middle Grades Endorsement that enables you to teach in self-contained (all four of the above content areas) in grades 4 and 5.

  • Intervention Specialist (Special Education): If you want to teach children in kindergarten through grade 12 who have special needs, this program provides you several options. Within a single degree, you can earn a license to teach children with mild-to-moderate educational needs, moderate-to-intensive needs, or both.

  • Adolescent-Young Adult (Secondary) Programs: If you want to teach upper middle school or high school students, grades 7-12, Ashland University offers programs in Integrated Language Arts (English education), Integrated Math, Integrated Social Studies, and a variety of science education degree programs. Students in these programs are advised through the departments in the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Multi-Age Programs: These programs enable you to teach the visual arts, music, or foreign languages (French or Spanish) to children in preschool through grade 12. See the specific departments for more information.

  • Bachelor’s Plus Initial Teacher Licensure Program: This program, which may include undergraduate coursework, enables you to teach in up to 15 different licensure areas. Prior to enrolling in this program, students are required to hold a bachelor’s degree. Go to the Bachelor’s Plus site for more information.