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The Education Living-Learning Community

For further information and to sign up for this opportunity contact:

Dr. Tanzeah Sharpe
Assistant Professor
Dwight Schar College of Education

Are you a current or incoming education student looking to get more involved? Are you interested in becoming part of a program that will help shape you into the educator you will become? We invite you to participate in the Education Living-Learning Community.

Our Purpose

The Education Living-Learning Community places 24 students from the Dwight Schar College of Education together in a living-learning community during their freshman year to acclimate them to college life and the education department.

What to Expect in the Education Living-Learning Community

As part of this program, you’ll be placed in a cohort where you’ll:

  • Better connect to Ashland University

  • Identify as a future educator

  • Develop a strong sense of citizenship, community, and purpose

  • Engage in self-directed learning behaviors

  • Become a lifelong learner

Participation Benefits

In addition to living in the same residence hall as other education students, which provides you with an immediate support system during your critical first year, you’ll also gain:

  • Better connections with other students

  • Enhanced participation in campus-related activities

  • Stronger connections to the campus/surrounding community

  • Easy access to other students in your major

  • Increased interaction with faculty and staff

  • An appreciation of how academic disciplines are interrelated

  • Better academic performance due to deep, high-quality, and substantive learning

As a result of this program, you will learn how to work in teams and will be more likely to graduate on time due to the acclimation you’ll experience.

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