M.S. Applied Exercise Science Curriculum


Credit   Hrs.


NUHS 509: Quantitative Data Analysis 3 None
NUHS 510: Ethics & Professional Responsibility 3 None
NUHS 558: Research Foundations & Methods in Health Sciences 3 None
AEXS 671: Scientific  Basis of Sport 3 None
AEXS 675: Scientific Foundation of Nutrition in Sport 3 None
AEXS 678: Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription 3 None
AEXS 679: Principles of Strength & Conditioning 3 None
Elective (if non thesis capstone is used) 3 ---
Potential Electives (3-6 credits depending on capstone option) 3 ---
AEXS 670: Sport Medicine Principles for Sport Professionals 3 None
AEXS 673 Analysis of Sport Instruction 3 None
AEXS 598: Independent Study --- None
AEXS 677: Physiological Basis for Exercise & Sport 3 None
ED Masters' level courses 3 None

Capstone Expereience Options

NUHS 747: Internship 3 Majority of course work
NUHS 778: Practicum 3 Majority of course work
NUHS 781: Thesis 6 Majority of course work

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Faculty Spotlight

Melessa Starnes Damoff, MSN, RN, Clinical Assistant Professor
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